Risk & Fraud Management - Business Analyst (m/f)

Location: Southgate Commercial Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Job Type: Permanent



About the Role

Join us as a Business Data Analyst, where you will harness the power of data to unearth and comprehend budding fraud trends, including payment fraud and marketplace risks. This role involves a close-knit collaboration with an interdisciplinary team, demanding a fusion of business insight, technical prowess, and excellent interpersonal skills.


  • Fraud Trend Analysis: Dive deep into data, discern fraud trends, and strategize to combat illicit activities.

  • Fraud Prevention: Establish and implement fraud prevention guidelines that align with regulatory standards and industry norms.

  • Fraud Detection System: Optimize fraud detection systems to ensure effectiveness.

  • Fraud Investigations: Oversee fraud investigations, assuring timely and professional execution.

  • Cross-Functional Collaboration: Work alongside diverse teams, including data scientists and customer support, to mitigate emerging fraud threats.

  • Data Presentation: Share your insights and recommendations with senior management.

  • Project Ownership: Lead projects end-to-end, rooted in addressing evolving fraudulent behaviors.

  • Multiple Project Management: Oversee several fraud-related projects across varying markets.



  • Minimum 3 years in a data-driven role (fraud analytics, business operations, or similar).

  • Experience in Risk/Fraud/Payments is an advantage.

  • Demonstrated project ownership.

  • Proficiency in SQL (2-3 years experience mandatory).

  • Strong business sense combined with analytical acumen.

  • Persuasive communication skills.

  • Creative problem-solving capabilities.

  • Proactive, detail-oriented, and self-driven.

About the Company

We Talentspothub collaborate with a premier internet markplace platform that boasts leadership in market position across numerous countries. Spanning over 40 countries, including regions in Europe, MENA, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific, our client has a commanding presence. Additionally, they have a proprietary delivery mechanism in multiple high-density urban areas globally. The main headquarters of this company is located in a major European city, and they employ a vast team of dedicated professionals.

About the Subsidiary

Our associated subsidiary specializes in delivering culinary delights from a handpicked selection of local eateries. Since its inception, the service has expanded its partner base to a staggering number across several cities in over a dozen Asian nations.

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